What is Astral Projection?

The word astral projection can be a bit misleading. The common definition assumes the existence of an "astral body" separate from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it. The experience of leaving our physical body is really just an interpretation or metaphor that was developed in order to explain the phenomena. When we astral project we are experiencing pure consciousness and the larger consciousness system. We are not so much leaving our bodies; we do not have to go anywhere because we are already there. Our consciousness is already out of body. We are just letting our awareness flow into a different information set in the larger consciousness system. We are getting "into" our consciousness when we astral project. It's our cultural belief that in order to experience something like this, that we have to "project" or do something to get there. All of the techniques we use to get "out" are just tools.


We live in a virtual reality. Dreams, Daydreams, Lucid Dream, OBE's (Out of Body Experiences), NDE's (Near Death Experiences, Local 1 (Floating above your bed), are all different virtual realities generated for personal experience. Quantum Physics has taught us that even the 3rd dimensional reality we experience in the waking state is a virtual reality. The premise of old view science (Newtonian Physics) is based on reality being objective (things that can be measured, size of a rock, etc.) when in fact our reality is virtual and made up of information. Consciousness is also a digital information system, which is non-physical and subjective (things that can not be measured, intuition, beauty, love, experiences, etc.). Astral projection is a subjective experience.


Astral Projection vs. Lucid Dreaming?

A lucid dream is your launching pad to go out and experience the larger reality. Its just belief, there really is no difference... A lucid dream is a tool just like astral projection to help us enter our consciousness in the non-physical. When we go to sleep, dream and then become aware, we are ready to set an intention and collect data. The dream world has beliefs attached to it along with expectations, which define our limitations. Our intent tells us what to do, if there are beliefs attached to those intentions the belief will determine what we will experience.

Astral projection is a natural occurrence that all people are capable of experiencing.

Is Astral Projection real?

It is very important to approach this subject with healthy skepticism. You have to prove the reality of these experiences to yourself and yourself only. We can not give objective physical proof of astral projection because it is a non-physical subjective experience. As of now physical explanations of consciousness fail.

Most people have a reality model based on culture or religion. The smaller your reality is, the more convinced you are that you know everything. The bigger your reality gets, the more opportunity you have to grow and receive new information. The non physical reality is experienced with our consciousness, not with our senses. When we get into the larger reality, we still have all senses. It's our consciousness experiencing it because that's the way we interpret the information we receive. Subjective descriptions of a room are things like the ambience, the message, the function, the meaning. A non-subjective description is all about the physical details of the room, what it looks like, what's in it which varies from personal experience and interpretation.

We measure our reality's credibility by its objective description. For the most part while in the astral, the interaction is about the content and the meaning. None of the "stuff" is important, so it is hard to convince skeptics of its' credibility.

Scientists now realize that objective reality is wrong and that we need to come up with a new viewpoint in order to explain the non physical. The premise of science is based on the scientific method. It depends on reality being objective. Scientists like Edward Fredkin, Nick Bostrom and Thomas Campbell have come to the conclusion that reality is digital and informational. Our reality is a simulation and consciousness is information.

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What is Astral Projection Like?

It is a different world with different physics. We can not use the metaphors and tools that we currently have to explain it. We can not tell you what it will be like because our interpretations of the experience will be different.

A lot of people think that when they experience another reality that it is going to be just like our world, we'll look around and see stuff. There is no stuff. Going to the larger reality is all about content and meaning. We should be focused on preparing to get there rather than what it will be like when we arrive.


A word from J. King

I do not consider myself an astral projection guru of any sorts. I'm a musician and a graphic artist, by trade. I am just a regular guy who has been experimenting with this stuff most of my life and have had some success after many failures. After years of study I have become an expert and now I want to share the knowledge that I have gained through the ten step guide. I want to help those individuals out there who are craving a mystical experience outside of their body. I know how bad you want to validate it for yourself. I have always had at least 2 or 3 lucid dreams every month since the age of 5. I am passionate about ancient knowledge and studied the flower of life pattern and sacred geometry. I then began researching new age concepts from a more scientific non-biased point of view. I came across the field of neuroaccoustic research and began making my own binaural beats. Soon after I became very interested in the study of consciousness and reality. This led me to study the teachings of Robert Monroe and Thomas Campbell as they were the first to approach out of body experiences from a scientific point of view. Once I began to understand the way consciousness works with the reality system we live in, my experience with astral projection began to change - I had new intentions. I learned that the preparation work is where the growth happens. Letting go of expectations and the "urge" to leave your body has amazing rewards.

I hope you enjoy the material on this website and best of luck to you and your journey.


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What are some of the benefits of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences?

  • Re-learn forgotten spiritual wisdom, to be used to further one's lot in this life time.
  • Increase energy vibration and adjust spiritual beliefs, to speed up spiritual growth.
  • Live out fantasies in an expanded imagination and visit other geographical areas.
  • Establish a sense of oneness with self, to then experience sense of oneness with the universe and all of humanity.
  • Decrease the sense of aloneness and and make life much more exciting.
  • Come to a place of peace over the subject of physical death.
  • Inspect the higher middle and higher energies, where they encounter beings and intelligences that do not originate on the earth plane.
  • Meet with guides and be empowered to knowingly meet new spiritual challenges.
  • Visit the Akashic Hall of Records.
  • Experience a past life within another time period.
  • Visit all the corners of the universe, including the moon and all the other planets.
  • Experience the low and high frequencies of the aura with greater keenness.
  • Understand the source of difficult relationships in the present life.
  • Learn innate understanding of the difference between the aura and astral body.
  • Experience an increase in the clarity and accuracy of clairvoyant messages.
  • Develop the ability to detect a finer energy.
  • Multitask the dual realities of the physical and astral planes, to inspect and
    understand the bonds of all earthly relationships, and then balance the energies of the two planes.
  • Activate the Law of Attraction in their life, to attract more desirably through spontaneous right action.
  • Develop astral healing powers, to increase the power of astral sight (the eye of light) of the Third Chakra, encounter entities on the astral plane, and work on higher, middle and lower astral levels.