Reincarnation and Astral Projection Stories - Early History

I enjoy tracing the history of Astral Projection among ancient cultures.  While there is some controversy regarding which culture can claim to have started it all, (Egypt, India or even Atlantis) there is a universal belief that spreads across many lands.  Did man arrive at a universal concept once he understood his own mortality?

Regardless of the original source for this belief in collective consciousness, it is now found among all peoples, and is generally a universal idea.  Scholars claim that in addition to this universal idea, which is more or less intuitive, people have received more or less instruction, from time to time, from certain advanced souls which have passed on to higher planes of existence.

There are various ideas regarding the afterlife, heaven and hells - underlying them all there persists this idea of re-birth.

Early explorers in Africa have reported that they found evidence of  "a strange belief" in the future return of the soul to a new body on earth. The early pilgrims of America found similar traditions among the Native Americans, variations of which still exist today.

Some indigenous tribes in other parts of the world place the bodies of their dead children by the roadside, so that their souls may be given a fair chance to find new bodies by the approaching of traveling pregnant women who pass along the road.

Many of these cultures hold to the idea of a complex soul, composed of several parts, in which they resemble the Egyptians, Hindus, Chinese, and in fact all mystical and occult philosophies.

The Fiji Islanders believe in a black soul and a white soul.  The black soul remains with the buried body and disintegrates with it. The white soul leaves the body and wanders, afterward, tiring of the wandering, returns to life in a new body.

The natives of Greenland are said to believe in an astral body, which leaves the body during sleep, but which perishes as the body disintegrates after death; and a second soul which leaves the body only at death, and which persists until it is reborn at a later time.

In fact, nearly all of the primitives races, and those semi-civilized, show traces of a belief in a complex soul, and a trace of doctrine of Reincarnation in some form.



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