Astral Projection Stories

My first Astral Projection story, by James King.

I had been attempting the rope technique while falling asleep at night. I did not have any sort of vibrations but was in a trance state and my body was almost asleep. As I went to grab the rope and pull myself towards itÂ… a hand suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my body!! When the hand pulled me, I was pulled out from a wooden floor into an old looking house. I looked around in amazement. There were beings in the room that seemed surprised. They communicated telepathically and said "hey you made it ". I had realized that this was my first astral projection experience. I was trying to analyze everything and process the experience when I should have just went with the flow. I started asking a lot of questions and my excitement level got too high. One of the questions I asked was, do you guys realize that I just came here from a different realm? From there I faded out.

I hadn't realized until this experience that I have actually had many other out of body experiences that I got confused with lucid dreaming. It was hard to determine wether or not I was having a lucid dream or if it was astral projection until I started experimenting in my lucid dreams. Robert bruce talks about the difference in his book astral dynamics. In the lucid dream state you will be able to manifest things much quicker than the astral realm, so a good test to tell wether or not your lucid dreaming is to try and manifest something. If you are not able to manipulate the realm and manifest things instantly than you are in the astral realm.

My first story and experience going from a lucid dream into the astral realm:
I was driving a motorcycle on a beach when suddenly it clicked. Everything became very clear. I had always wanted to try meditating in a lucid dream and I finally remembered to try it. I pulled over and sat down in the lotus position. As soon as I closed my eyes I found myself traveling through a tunnel of light and ended up floating in space. I did not set any sort of intention so the result was very fuzzy. From there I faded out.

The second time I attempted astral projection from a lucid dream: Once I realized I was dreaming, I flew straight into the sky and out of the atmosphere. As soon as I reached space I intended to fly towards the pleiades constellation and ended up there immediately. I saw a giant city of light and once again my excitement level got too high and I faded out.

Since these experiences, I have learned to take baby steps when projecting. Starting out with simple intentions like just entering the astral realm and asking a simple question to a guide.

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